We at PostoHub bring best practice on how to cold email a potential customer in 2020. We now find ourselves in a new and complex uncertainty environment brought about by the emergence of COVID-19. 

We feel certain that the communication by email is still the most popular way to talk to customers and nearly free of charge. 

In fact, email generates $38 revenue for every $1 spent. And we believe that you can send emails with PostoHub more efficiently. We have analytics for your email campaigns and a bunch of features to help you with email deliverability as a plus it’s Free now. We decided to launch earlier because we would like to help our YC community.

Our ultimate objective in this regard is creating a communication platform allowing talk to customers via Email, Messengers, SMS.

If you have any feedback let me read it – denis.gonor@postohub.io.

Below I’ve summarised the services and improvements that may work for you click here.

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