We understand that the unique terms used within MailerLite, or in contrast to your preceding e-mail service provider, might be a bit confusing. So we are completely satisfied to give an explanation for to you in extra detail what the distinction is between a Group and a Segment.

What is a Segment?

A section is a list of subscribers that is dictated via a “rule”. You create the rule with our filter, and the list beneath the filter suggests solely the subscribers that comply with the rule that you have created. A subscriber can only be delivered or removed based on whether they do or do no longer suit the created rule.

For example, this is a segment of all subscribers that don’t open email within 3 day:

Segments are updated robotically as quickly as a subscriber complies or no longer complies with the created rule. For the above example, if a subscriber didn’t open email within 3 day, he will  be lively in the section “Didn open within 3 day”.

Note: don’t forget about to hit Save as Segment in case you choose to keep the phase and supply it a name. They are now not saved automatically.

We have these days updated our segmentation, which you can read about here. And here you can discover greater data on how to optimally use Segments to enlarge your open and click on rates!

What is a Group?

A crew is not dictated by means of a rule, so you can add and put off subscribers based on your wishes. Groups are not updated robotically and only change when you in my opinion cross a subscriber, or if an automation strikes a subscriber with an Action Step.

If you desire to create a filter, but then retailer it as a Group as an alternative of a Segment (so that you can manually make changes to it afterwards), then you genuinely pick out a few or all of the subscribers in the segment, then click on Actions, and pick out Add to Group:

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