To keep your account in health condition you have to follow the Sending Policy. We’ve created our own set of rules to protect the reputation of our clients and their intended recipients. Not only do these rules help us identify spammers, they also help increase your deliverability and build a strong sending reputation.

Accounts with metrics above these numbers can lead to account suspension and in some cases, termination and penalties. Prior warning of such actions will be given in all cases unless the risk is deemed to be critical to the security of PostoHub’s infrastructure.

Bounce rate:

  • less than 5% – good;
  • from 5% to 10% – warn;
  • more than 10% – block;

Spam Complaints rate:

  • less than 0.25% – good;
  • from 0.25% to 0.75% – warn;
  • more than 0.75% – block;

Accounts with bounce rate above 10% or/and Spam Complaints rate 0.75% will be suspended and/or close the master account or any associated sub-account, in which case You shall not be entitled to claim any refund or compensation.

Upon expiration or termination of your account for any reason whatsoever, all amounts still owed by You, shall become due and payable immediately. We will not refund any prepaid fees and will charge You the full amount that We would have been entitled to charge for the remaining term.


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