How to get API Key for Integration

Your API Key is a 36-character single GUID and it is the key to your account when trying to gain access or make API calls while outside of the User Interface. Every API call will require this key. It is unique for API connections. Manage API Keys Note: Each account can store up to 10

I had email credits that were unused. Where did they go?

Email credits do not roll over each month. Emails that are unused will expire when a billing cycle ends. You are welcome to downgrade or upgrade your plan to one that fits your needs.

Why was the credit card I used rejected?

If you used a credit card to pay for your plan that is set to expire within 30 days of a scheduled payment, then the payment attempt will be automatically rejected by our system. It will re-attempt to process your payment for a few more days. However, unless an alternative payment method is added, your

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