I had email credits that were unused. Where did they go?

Email credits do not roll over each month. Emails that are unused will expire when a billing cycle ends. You are welcome to downgrade or upgrade your plan to one that fits your needs.

Types of subscriber

The people whose information you store in your PostoHub account are known as your subscriber. A person’s contact type determines which campaigns they’re eligible for, and whether they count toward your plan’s monthly contact limit. Types of subscriber We categorize the main types of subscriber based on their email marketing status:  Active Inactive Unsubscribed Invalid

Limitation and Definitions

Emails send – a term we use to measure the number of emails you send. Each email sent to an individual subscriber counts as one send. For example, one email template sent to 2,000 subscribers equals 2,000 email sends. Subscriber/Contact – The people whose information you store in your PostoHub account. A person’s contact type

Why was my account blocked?

To keep your account in health condition you have to follow the Sending Policy. We’ve created our own set of rules to protect the reputation of our clients and their intended recipients. Not only do these rules help us identify spammers, they also help increase your deliverability and build a strong sending reputation. Accounts with

How can I get Email spam legislation by countries

The following table represents laws in respective countries which restrict the use of Email spam.

Will Your Company Help Me When I Get Started? Is Deliverability Consulting Available?

Yes! Our company’s Onboarding Specialists will help you get set up in order to make sure that you are prepared for success. Our company’s Delivery Consultants will work with you to assess your whole email program, then provide you with a comprehensive assessment in order to determine what can be optimized. They may suggest reconfiguring

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